The Fish and Game Department in New Hampshire recently held their annual hunting permit drawing. Moose hunting permits in the state are hard to come by, and many residents eagerly awaited the results of the lottery. In fact, more than 13,000 people applied for moose hunting permits in New Hampshire this year. Even more astounding, about 5,000 of those people don’t even live in the state.

This year, 275 people were granted moose hunting permits. Although this number is well below the number of applicants, it is still a sizable amount of permits. Unfortunately, the odds weren’t great for anyone involved despite the fact that a majority of the permits were reserved for residents. The odds for a resident was 1 in 35, and nonresidents had odds of 1 in 121. On the bright side, some long time applicants like Ronald Tremblay were chosen. Tremblay, who is now 75, has been applying for a permit for decades.

Although this lottery is necessary to keep the number of hunters in check, it is also an important tradition in New Hampshire. It is an exciting time when new names are drawn each year, and hunters await the day with great anticipation. Whether you have a moose hunting permit or not, it is always a good idea to make sure you have top of the line hunting equipment. For more information about the products that we offer at Morse Sporting Goods, give us a call today!


*Image courtesy of lightwise