Concord, New Hampshire is closing in on possibly one of its busiest weekends with the National Hunting and Fishing Day Expo having occurred on September 20. Not only did they have thousands of people flock to the expo, since the entire showing is free, but they received over 50 different exhibits all focused on hunting and fishing. This included a number of demos, and even hands on activities like archery and air rifle ranges or pointer and retriever dog demonstrations.

One of the biggest draws however were the hunting experts and guides, who offer advice for new and seasoned hunters alike.

The expo featured a raffle as well to help benefit the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire, which included guns and flies for fly-fishing. Most importantly though is that the 2014 expo was actually a celebration for the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, which will be enjoying their 150th year. Because of this celebration, the expo unveiled a limited edition firearm that commemorated the occasion and was only obtainable from this expo.

Even if you aren’t interested in the celebratory gun, or the experts and demos being offered, there was still something there for every hunting and fishing enthusiast. In particular are other hunting and fishing enthusiasts who love to find like-minded people to experience the joys of the new hunting season, right before it kicks off.

Otherwise, this expo was the perfect place to stock up on some of the less general supplies you might need for your hunting season this year. So it was well worth the visit.