Spring Turkey Season is an exciting time of year. Turkeys are an awesome game bird, because rarely do they respond to tactics in a predictable way. That being said, we’ve got a few tips for you to try out on your next hunt. Every bird is different, but we guarantee using some of these tactics will increase your odds of bagging the bird.

As with most hunting endeavors, being early is never a bad thing. Being in the roost tree and setting up 30 minutes before the first call gives the woods some time to settle around you before the turkeys start moving about.

Always bring more calls than you think you’ll need. Turkeys are fickle. One will respond well to a box call, while another will ignore it but perk up at the sound of a diaphragm.

Don’t overuse your calls. Once you’ve got a bird within 100 yards, only call after every two or three responses. If the turkey is even a little interested, it will come right to you.

Moving towards a bird is our first reaction, remember birds hear and see much better than us, so with safety in mind keep a safe distance and call the turkeys to you.

Using a Gobble call sometimes brings in Turkeys and other times hunters, with that in mind be very careful when you use one, and never think you’re alone in the woods.

Locator calls like coyote yelps or owl hooters don’t have to sound natural to be effective. In fact, we’ve found that sometimes it’s the shock effect that works best when rooting out game.

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Source: http://themeateater.com/2013/tactics-for-better-spring-turkey-hunting/