Selling or loaning a gun to a friend in the state of New Hampshire may soon come with new consequences. The bill, known as HB 1589, would make it highly illegal to sell or loan a gun in a personal setting. People who personally sell their guns to friends, acquaintances, or anyone else could face up to 7 years in jail. Although the bill was not supported in a public hearing held in January, a new subcommittee has been created to take a closer look at the proposed law.

Opponents of the bill state that the law would do nothing to decrease gun violence and crimes. Although they believe the creators of the bill have good intentions, they are calling on the public to contact their local officials and express their opposition to the law. Whether this law ends up getting passed or not, it is important to stay aware of the current gun legislation in your state. Laws change every year, and gun owners need to be careful that they don’t do anything that could violate their right to own and use a firearm.

You can contact your local representative to learn more about this law and give your opinion about whether or not it should be passed. For more information stay up-to-date by continuing to check out our blog. When it comes to purchasing hunting equipment, you can always rely on the team at Morse Sporting Goods. Visit our site or contact us today to learn more about our current product inventory!