The first of October this year marks the opening of pheasant hunting season here in this New England state. As this article published by The Concord Monitor will inform any of our blog readers, there is a long tradition of pheasant hunting which is still strongly supported within the state today.

For more than a century, New Hampshire has stocked pheasant populations throughout various communities across the region. This fall, more than 12,000 pheasants will be released across the 10 counties making up the state of New Hampshire. Each of the 73 stocking sites will receive an average of about 140 birds.

Hunting pheasant offers a challenging task to even the most seasoned hunter. It’s easy to overshoot a pheasant when flushing them out of an area because their wings flap so hard, causing a slight illusion that the bird is rising faster than it actually is. Sustained lead techniques, which often work with ducks and geese, are much trickier to use successfully when hunting pheasant as well.

Pheasant hunting licenses can be obtained through Morse Sporting Goods and are not too expensive. The  licensing cost of $26 for hunters who want to hunt pheasant in New Hampshire. As always, it’s important to observe bag limits.

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