In the state of New Hampshire, a very long and proud tradition of hunting has been kept alive through the generations. Much of the strength of state hunting programs is due to the government’s protection of youth hunting programs for younger outdoors enthusiasts. Passing down time-honored traditions to posterity has kept the hunting economy alive here in New Hampshire, while it has been smothered in other regions.

Youth hunters have been getting a lot of great experience out of the youth turkey hunt held in New Hampshire at the end of April. For nine years, this event has been the first hunting experience for many New Hampshire teens. As this article published by reports, last year’s youth hunt resulted in 590 turkeys captured, which ended up being about 13 percent of the entire turkey harvest in New Hampshire during the spring of 2013.

New Hampshire teens as young as 15 are able to participate in this youth turkey hunt, although they must be accompanied by a properly licensed adult who is at least 18 years of age. Even more important is the fact that the accompanying adult must be unarmed; this event is designed to teach young learners, not make them watch their father or older brother track live game like they could any other weekend.

To participate, young hunters need to obtain a hunting permit for turkey. As this event takes place before the spring turkey hunting season starts in New Hampshire, an adult could take this as an opportunity to refresh their knowledge of the outdoors before embarking on an actual hunt.

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