With the summer starting to dwindle down, now is the time to start thinking about all of the great fall hunting options available within the state of New Hampshire. Hunters can practice their skills at tracking and capturing animals of all shapes and sizes, including some very popular game birds.

Here at Morse Sporting Goods, we offer the firearms and other game hunting equipment required to prepare you for an excursion into the wild outdoors. Today, we want to let our blog readers know about a unique chance to improve their knowledge of the habitat and other important information that may be useful to hunters tracking certain types of game bird.

As this article published by The Londonderry News reports, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department will be hosting free workshops on hunting either ruffed grouse or woodcocks. Both of these birds may be legally hunted within the state of New Hampshire, given the proper licensing and registration.

The workshops will be led by local hunting instructors, and will feature a presentation from representatives of the Ruffed Grouse Society on the habitat needs and activities of both ruffed grouse and woodcocks. All activities will be available only on Saturday, August 9, and will be held at the Owl Brook Hunter Education Center in Holderness.

Any hunters interested in finding out more about this educational program can find information about pre-registration from the story linked above. Hunting seasons for both ruffed grouse and woodcocks begin on October 1 of this year; woodcock season ends on November 14, while ruffed grouse hunting extends through December 31.

Once you learn the kind of ammunition and equipment, you need to capture one of these birds, which can make for beautiful trophies, stock up on what you need for the hunt at Morse Sporting Goods. We serve the needs of New Hampshire hunters and fishermen from our facility in Hillsboro, NH.