One of the 1st few days in June is Free Fishing Day in New Hampshire, to be announced each year. Make plans with your family and friends to get out, enjoy the outdoors, and have some good old-fashioned fun with the sport of fishing. No fishing license is needed, and you can fish free in any of New Hampshire’s inland waters, whether you are a state resident or not. For those who love saltwater fishing, it’s free too on that same day.

Although this announced day June is a license-free day for fishing, all other fishing rules still apply. Rules, such as seasonal dates and bag limits must be followed, and all anglers who are fishing in the waters of the Merrimack and the lower Pemigewassaset for brood stock Atlantic salmon, must still have the appropriate license and permit.

Families can make this a whole day of fishing fun and sightseeing. New Hampshire is also opening its six state hatcheries to the public from 10am-2pm, so residents and visitors can tour the hatcheries, where more than one million trout are raised each year to populate the state’s natural ponds, rivers, and lakes. Free Fishing Day offers something for everyone. From those who love to fish, to those who simply enjoy nature and want to learn about the process of fishing.

Free Fishing Day is also a great way to introduce newcomers to the sport of fishing. Since no licenses are needed, it’s a great time to grab some family members and friends who have never been fishing before, and show them just how much fun and relaxation can be had on any fishing outing. Free Fishing Day is a perfect way to convert more nature lovers into fishing enthusiasts.

New Hampshire’s Free Fishing Day is also the kick-off for the National Fishing and Boating Week that runs from June 1st through June 8th. National Fishing and Boating Week is observed across the country and serves as inspiration for families to get together and have a relaxing time enjoying the waters. Whether fishing, boating, or taking in the sights, it’s a great week to celebrate the start of summer.

The New Hampshire Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing Digests are available at  http://www.fishnh.com/pubs/fishing.html, for any details you may need on New Hampshire fishing rules and regulations.

If you are a newcomer to fishing, and Free Fishing Day converts you into an avid fisherman, licenses are available online, so that you can enjoy the sport of fishing all year round.