New Hampshire Moose Hunt

The latest moose hunting season has drawn to a close here in New Hampshire. As Morse Sporting Goods is pleased to report, state hunting agencies are indicating that the amount of moose that hunters were able to bag this year improved upon what they were able to take home in recent history. As this article published by discusses, the New Hampshire Fish and Game agency reported that hunters achieved a 72 percent success rate statewide hunting for moose this season. The official statistics show that 91 hunters tracked down a moose during the 9-day season; a total of 127 permits were issued to hunters for this…

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NH Moose Hunting Season Opens!

Every year, scores of intrepid hunters from all over the country venture forth to the cold north woods to participate in one of the most eagerly anticipated hunts in the western hemisphere; the moose hunt. The opportunity to track the dignified, musing beast through the snowy virgin wilderness has enchanted hunters seemingly since time immemorial. This year, as New Hampshire officially opens its moose hunt lottery, is certainly no exception. Though the nine-day hunt won’t begin until mid-October, hunters are already lining up to get their name in the lottery for a permit. The lottery has become increasingly competitive over the years due to a declining…

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Moose populations in the northeast have been on the decline for years, but this winter brought more winter ticks than ever before. The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife in Maine were so concerned with the parasites’ effect on moose populations, that they have decreased the number of permits for the 2014 fall hunts from 4,085 to 3,095. That’s a 25% cut. Winter ticks attack all hoofed animals, but generally target moose. They can grow to nearly a half inch in size during their adult stage, reached mid-winter. Although they thrive in the winter months, they prefer warmer weather. Naturally, global warming is being cited…


2012 Final Deer Count Numbers

The unofficial deer kill for New Hampshire’s 2012 season is listed below with comparisons to final kill totals for the previous 8 years.  The 2012 numbers are estimates based on the number of deer reported as being registered (not necessarily killed) in each county and may not represent complete data from all registration stations. Data for the previous years are final kill figures for each county and hence the estimated registration distribution for 2012 may not be directly comparable to the previous year’s final kill totals. This is particularly evident in the south-central portion of the state where many deer killed in surrounding counties are…

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